FirstSpirit is a best-of-breed content management system that helps retailers orchestrate exceptional omnichannel digital experiences. It serves as the content experience hub of the entire digital ecosystem, seamlessly connecting people, processes, technology and channels while giving the agility and interoperability needed to quickly capitalize on evolving consumer behaviors, disruptive technologies, the Internet of Things, and evolving marketing toolsets. FirstSpirit combines all systems, applications, data and content required to design engaging, shoppable content experiences for better e-commerce results. It gives retail organizations the agility and infrastructure needed to support large quantities of personalized content and the growing number of channels while reducing digital complexity, allowing them to efficiently reach and engage customers worldwide. FirstSpirit Cloud is an affordable pricing option with a jump-starter package that can have customers up an running in days, not weeks.  A key differentiator is the FirstSpirit CaaS Content-as-a-Service solution which extends content reach to channels with greater agility, on demand. Users simply create content using FirstSpirit, and it goes wherever called via a REST API—instantly. Because content is separate from presentation, customers can design the perfect digital experience for each channel, improving customer journeys and helping turn content into revenues. e-Spirit is featured in the Gartner MQ for WCM.


Integration Overview

The seamless integration of the CMS FirstSpirit enables you to manage content for your Salesforce Commerce Cloud storefront and to deliver richer, more engaging and personalized customer experiences that boost sales and drive repeat business.

FirstSpirit CMS, which supports a best-of-breed approach, offers certified out-of-the-box integration with Commerce Cloud coupled with the ability to quickly and easily integrate with virtually any other system or cloud-based service. By integrating these systems, you can address a broad range of target groups more consistently and efficiently at all touchpoints. Content can be created, re-used and published across multiple channels, brands, languages and sites using intuitive, time-saving processes. The flexible integration, editing and output options in FirstSpirit make it easier than ever before for employees in marketing, PR and functional departments to contribute high-quality and topical content to e-commerce websites.

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Integration Features

  • Combine highly visual marketing content with products information seamlessly using a WYSIWYG tool

  • Easily create personalized content for your defined customer groups, campaign periods

  • Fully integrated multi-perspective live preview to control/optimize content and responsive storefront designs

  • Reuse content, templates, product information and media assets within and across Commerce Cloud sites using drag & drop

  • Full-featured media asset management with built-in editing tools

  • Multi-Site-Management and translation support for global brands

  • Jump-Starter-Solution including a SiteGenesis Reference Integration

  • Full support of the latest Content Management Integration API

  • Create 100% native content assets, slot configurations and velocity templates through user-friendly, intuitive WYSIWYG editing interfaces


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