Intelligent Reach are one of the pioneers of product level data and are working with some of the world`s biggest brands to ensure their offers are relevant, get found, convert better and deliver exceptional consumer experiences across all digital commerce channels. Current clients include 48 of the UKs top 100 retailers, along with other online focussed brands.  We provide a product-level marketing platform that enables retailers to increase online revenues and drive improved ROI.  This is achieved by enriching product data feeds and optimizing content to maximize product reach. Additionally, insight is provided into which online channels are delivering the best results and profits.  All this enables retailers to optimise performance against specific targets and maximize their return on investment. The Intelligent Reach Platform has integrated templates with over 1000 Partners, across 35 countries and growing, making it easy for us to quickly enable product data to be available for these ecosystem partners. Automatic performance monitoring & enhancement is the foundation of what we do.  You can set targets based on your preferred metrics, and our algorithm based system will run auto-optimization which will make automated bid changes to your campaigns. Our technology is continually developed to make it easy & efficient. We optimize your products at the lowest level, the product level.

Integration Overview

The Intelligent Reach Cartridge enables full integration with the Intelligent Reach SaaS Marketing Platform only and requires an active subscription to this platform to access the service itself. All subscribers of the Intelligent Reach platform are subject to our terms and conditions agreed at point of sign up or for enterprise customers when signing their service contract. Subscription to the Intelligent Reach platform is a chargeable service paid by the merchant to Intelligent Reach directly. The integration consists of the installation by Salesforce Commerce Cloud Support of firewall rule, provisioning by Intelligent Reach of FTP credentials, delpoyment of generic cartridge for feed upload and inclusion of Intelligent Reach provided templates (for tracking purposes) into HTML header template and existing templates used whenever the site displays single product with details, basket, confirmation page once payment was succesfull. The cartridge can be installed on a Commerce Cloud instance and a job schedule can be created in order to upload on regular basis via FTP to Intelligent Reach the site’s catalog, prices and inventory to be used for feed distribution, performance and optimisation. The cartridge can also be configured to enable Intelligent Reach tracking.

Download Integration

Integration Features

  • Easy Cartridge implementation 
  • Automatic export of your product catalog to the Intelligent Reach SaaS platform.  Here data is first validated then optimized & enhanced to create the most perfect product data feed.
  • Marketplace integration includes Order, Stock and pricing updates via API; across Amazon, eBay, Rakauten, Fruugo etc.
  • Marketing agility to launch product catalog or specific categories across any of our 800+ Integrated partners, including:  Marketplaces, Shopping Search, Affiliates, Display, Personalisation, PPC, Social, On-Site Technology, Email etc.
  • Automatic update of product catalog ensuring range, pricing and stock availability are always up to date.
  • Perfect Product Ads created for every online channel. Product feed optimization is specific to each of our integrated partners, ensuring product ads are always compliant and using best practise.  Products stand out from the crowd while being more relevant to consumer searches.
  • Product level Optimization ensures that every product click drives revenue.  Automated algorithmic programming optimizes retailer performance in line with their specific success metrics.
  • Real time, actionable insights from channel down to a product level.


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