Iterate discovers, curates and validates startup technologies from around the world for many large retailers in the US,  Europe and Asia-Pacific.  We honed a process that greatly reduces the time, cost and risk normally associated with innovation efforts, and have thus far acheived an 85% success rate. This enables a non-Amazon retailer to compete with Amazon's massive R&D machine and deliver the cutting edge experiences that shoppers now require. The Iterate Innovation Cartridge brings this capability into the Salesforce Commerce Cloud ecosystem, giving retailers safe, easy and inexpensive access to growing pool of technologies that have proven themselves in non-Commerce Cloud settings.  Each curated startup delivers meaningful lift to critical eCommerce KPIs.  Iterate publishes anonymized KPI lift results to its member enterprises, so they can benefit from the successes of other members of the Iterate ecosystem. 

Iterate launched the Innovation Control Center platform in 2015, which completely redefined how enterprises and startups can do business.  The idea is to replace the traditional B2B technology sales & buying process with a nearly frictionless discover/test/adopt process.  The database has indexed over 130,000 startups; currently there are several hundred enterprises and startups actively using the platform.  Iterate's unique PilotPass™ program covers all of the available vendor trial accounts,  eliminating costly and time-consuming legal review cycles.


Integration Overview

Users of Iterate Innovation Cartridge will log into the Innovation Control Center platform to examine the startups available for trial, make their own evaluations and trial selections and, working with the chosen startups themselves, configure the javascript tags and load them into the Iterate cartridge for testing.  Most trials would be handled as A/B split tests, providing real & projectable performance data to inform adoption decisions.  

Two highly popular startups are pre-installed into the cartridge: Brandlock and Thrive Commerce. Brandlock detects & blocks malicious scripts that have infected a shopper's browser. This malware completely disrupts how the retailers' pages are rendered at the client side, resulting in a 75% drop in conversion rate and increased affiliate fraud. Brandlock rescues this lost revenue.  Thrive Commerce addresses the coupon affiliate problem -- visitors leaving the cart to find coupon codes, leading to higher cart abandonment, much higher affiliate commissions and shoppers frustrated by expired codes. Thrive hosts a white-labeled coupon page (managed by the retailer) and then out-SEOs the coupon affiliates to get your wandering visitors back to your cart. Profiles of all currently supported startups, visit

Download Integration

Integration Features

  • A single cartridge provides safe & easy access to many startup trial accounts for testing
  • Our frictionless innovation methodology helps you compete with Amazon's R&D machine
  • You use the Innovation Control Center to select & manage all trials
  • Our PilotPass program covers all trial accounts, saving time & money on legal review cycles
  • Two of our most popular startups are pre-installed so you can test them for free
  • The cartridge currently supports 6 proven startups, with 30+ expected by Q4 2016
  • For profiles of all of the currently supported startups, visit
  • The cartridge lets you safely run non-LINK vendors in production mode
  • Our cartridge lets the startups leverage many more DWRE variables than a tag manager can


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