At OSF Commerce, we build our products using a Commerce Cloud-first approach, having your business goals in mind, while respecting all quota limits and best coding practices, with minimal interference to existing operations.  All of our out of the box cartridges' features are made to address retailers’ common pain points, and they are fully customizable. Part of our products' portfolio, we built OSF One Page CHECKOUT as an alternative to the standard SiteGenesis checkout and can be Enabled or Disabled with just one click. The product is an effective solution that brings all checkout information in a single page, providing guest checkout and complete order information on a single accordion style page. One Page CHECKOUT has proven to have reduced cart abandonment and overall checkout time. The product comes with built-in A/B testing solution that enables you to test different types of messages, to better and easily measure marketing strategy efficiency.

OSF Commerce, winner of Salesforce 2016 Partner Innovation Award in Retail, is a leading global commerce solutions company providing technology, consulting, implementation and managed services to premier brand retailers. With over 120 ongoing projects and years of worldwide deployments, OSF delivers innovative ecommerce solutions across channels, devices and locales. Book an informal meeting with us and learn why retailers like DVF, Burton and Hanover Direct have chosen OSF's products for their online stores.


Integration Overview

OSF One Page CHECKOUT consolidates all checkout steps onto one screen for a gainfully simplified shopping process, providing the complete order information: Shipping Address, Shipping Methods, Billing Address, Discounts, Payment and Order Placement. In order to analyze your customers' purchasing behavior, use the A/B test built-in option to present different checkout styles to different users; compare checkouts and identify opportunities to increase customer loyalty and drive sales.

OSF One Page CHECKOUT allows you to enhance the shopping experience without sacrificing functionality. Reduce cart abandonment and the likelihood of costly corrections and returned goods with guest checkout option by removing the need for navigation and potential loss of already-entered data; statistically, 23% of shoppers abandon checkout when asked to register. Improve the shopping experience and allow users to collapse and expand checkout sections; statistically, accordion style designed checkouts perform 19,2% better. In addition to the out of the box features, One Page CHECKOUT can be further enhanced and customized, upon request, to fit your business specific requirements. Try OSF One Page CHECKOUT for 30 days, free of charge, by submitting the form on this page. No Credit Card Needed.

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Integration Features

  • Flexible Design: The cartridge comes with a default front end layout and CSS/HTML styling that can be further customized upon merchant needs
  • Accordion Style checkout: In order to enhance customer experience, the sections of OSF One Page CHECKOUT can be displayed simultaneously or can be collapsed
  • Guest Checkout available to reduce cart abandonment
  • Enable / Disable One Page CHECKOUT with ease: One Page CHECKOUT can be enabled/disabled in Business Manager, by simply changing site preference
  • Order Update and Validation: Customer can Select/Enter/Edit all the details for his/her order (shipping address and method, billing address, coupons and discounts, payment methods, shipping promotions) from a single place
  • Order Summary & Review: Customers can see, review and edit order summary any time on the checkout page; the order details are automatically updated every time the customer makes a change to the other checkout elements
  • Order Placement: Customer can place the order and receive the notifications in the same manner as on the standard SiteGenesis
  • Dynamic ZIP Code Validation: The system will dynamically validate the ZIP code and alert the customer in case an incorrect ZIP code has been entered. (validation takes place before customer clicks on Submit order)
  • Built-in A/B Testing: A/B tests allows merchants to present different experiences to different users, and measure their resulting purchase behavior to identify the better experience from One Page CHECKOUT and common checkout with in just a few steps
  • User-friendly interface


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