Since 2011 payolution provides payment in invoice, monthly invoice, installment and direct debit for its merchants within the entire D-A-CH region, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. As a white label provider payolution operates in the background completely unseen from the customers. This enables the merchant to stylise their checkout how they want to - and this strengthens the trust between the customer and the merchant.

The customers buy the goods directly from the merchant in whom they have confidence and familiarity. The merchant in turn offers its customers the most popular and risk-free payment method. payolution's white label concept with its fair and merchant-friendly customer care lowers the drop-out rate and increases conversion rate and revenue. Thanks to its extensive experience in e-commerce and its locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland the payolution team offers exceptional expertise and market knowledge and adjusts its products to fit market requirements. White label, fast and guaranteed payouts, B2B and B2C support, high value basket sizes, fair and individual customer care ... all of this ensures higher sales and more satisfied customers for the merchants.

Integration Overview

The payolution cartridge includes: Implementation of invoice B2C (D-A-CH & NL), invoice B2B (D-A-CH), direct debit (B2C in D & AT), and installment (B2C in D-A-CH), instant risk check in the checkout / Fraud checks, guaranteed payout by payment default, no media disruption in the checkout, no redirection, high acceptance rate by proven scoring model, high value basket size

The payolution Commerce Cloud cartridge provides the integration of invoice payment, installment and direct debit as a white-label solution. The cartridge contains a PreCheck (Risk check after selecting the payment method) and PreAuth (Authorization of the amount when order is finally placed).
On top the following backend requests are implemented and can be triggered from the ERP: Capture (shipment of order), Refund and Cancellation of the order (only full refunds/cancellations possible).
For more information contact the payolution Integration Team with contact details indicated at 4.2

Download Integration

Integration Features

  • Implementation of invoice & monthly invoice (B2C & B2B), direct debit (B2C) and installment (B2C)
  • Instant risk check in the checkout
  • No media disruption in the checkout, no redirection
  • PreCheck (risk check after selecting the payment method)
  • PreAuthorization (authorization of the amount when order is finally placed)
  • Capture (shipment of order, can also be triggered from ERP)
  • Refund (can also be triggered from ERP)
  • Cancellation (can also be triggered from ERP)


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