Consumers post nearly two billion photos a day, many of which celebrate the brands and products they love. This content is a huge opportunity for businesses looking for innovative ways to enhance their Salesforce Commerce Cloud store experience.

Pixlee works with over 100+ brands. 

Commerce Cloud customers use Pixlee to increase conversion, average order value, and engagement with:

  • Visual Reviews on Product and Category Pages: Publish product specific galleries on product and category pages to give shoppers an authentic view of how real customers enjoy the product they are shopping.
  • Shoppable Galleries & Look Books: Create authentic ways for shoppers to browse real customers visual endorsement of your brand, get inspiration to purchase, and discover new products. 
  • Campaigns & Contests: Create, manage, and promote new and existing marketing campaigns & contests to bridge the gap between social engagement and new sales. 
  • Track Performance & Discover Customer Insights: Use full social and content analytics dashboard to track conversion, engagement, and social performance of your brand and discover key insights about customers.


Integration Overview

  • Galleries- Generate standalone web pages and embeddable display widgets to create shoppable looks books and inspiration galleries featuring user generated content from social media throughout your Commerce Cloud store.
  • Visual Reviews – Automatically publish widgets on Product Detail Pages (PDP), and Category pages that display a widget with user generated content specific to each product/page.
  • Social Commerce – Create a standalone landing page and unique URL to display create a shoppable experience directly within Instagram that drives click-through to PDPs in your Commerce Cloud store. 
  • Post Purchase Experience – Include customer photos and a call-to-action into the post purchase flow to allow customers to see other relevant products and submit their own photos.
  • Analytics - Tracking pixels provide more insight into conversions, engagement + behavior, and customer statistics to understand what content is performing in your Commerce Cloud store.
  • Dynamic Display – Enhance all of your displays with intelligent data driven display algorithms that use social, behavior, and conversion data to surface the highest performing content in real time.

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Integration Features

  • Content collection – Collect user generated content from social media, email, and direct upload on your website. 
  • Moderation and Curation – Easy Approve/Deny content and use in-platform tools to help find and distill your best content. 
  • Connect Products - Assign specific products to collected content before publishing. Pixlee’s product feed integration ensures that your all of your products and the correct details are up to date and accessible from within the Pixlee platform.
  • Permissioning – Built in functionality and tracking to help ensure use rights are received and managed. 
  • Publishing – Create and publish display widgets and standalone galleries throughout your Commerce Cloud store. 
  • Display customization – Choose from a variety of out-of-the-box widgets, built in design tools, custom CSS, or Pixlee’s full restful API to fully design your displays. 
  • Analytics – Measure and track the increase in conversation rate, average order vaue, and analytics.


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