In a world disrupted by digital transformation, brands and merchants face constant market evolutions. Everyday, new products must be launched, new sales channels emerge and yet, product information is of least concern. Reaching customers at any time, on any channel and on any device implies deep knowledge and control of product information. But data, in a vast majority of cases, is collected, enriched and shared through excel files or inadequate tools. Consequently, product information is often perceived as the cross to bear until release. Without consistant processes, it creates much frustration : from purchase units to product managers, contributors spend most of their time looking for data that is repeatedly lost or incomplete instead of improving product content quality. Consequences of poor data shells are multiple : less purchases, more returns and a direct impact on SEO.

In order to deploy long-term and coherent marketing strategies, brands must first be able to centralize and harmonize all the technical and marketing information of their catalogs and products in a solid and unique base : the Product Information Manager (PIM). Once harmonized, it makes it easier to conquer new channels, imagine new practices and increase sales transformation. Quable provides brands with the opportunity to obtain reliable control of product information, dramatically reduce the Time-To-Market of their products and fulfill their ambitions : sell more, faster, wider.

Integration Overview

PIMware is the pre-built integration between Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Quable that enables cost-efficient and agile implementation of Product Information and Digital Asset Management technologies.

Through Quable's cartridge, it makes it easier for brands and merchants to automatically and instantly push their data on Commerce Cloud.

Download Integration

Integration Features

  • Collect, centralize and harmonize your product information coming from any internal and external sources (Excel, ERP, CRM, BI, Suppliers) in one place : PIM.
  • Create, manage and customize an unlimited number of products : sky is the limit!
  • Manage and store all your pictures, videos and documents related to your products
  • Drive your PIM and share your work through collaborative workflows
  • Feed Commerce Cloud and every other channel at once : mobile, print, social networks, intra/extranets, etc.
  • Manage translations in every language and increase the visibility of your products through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


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