SMARTASSISTANT is the market-leading Guided Selling technology. It is currently used in more than 100 different product categories and in over 40 languages.  Businesses of all types and sizes use SMARTASSISTANT's all-in-one SaaS platform to quickly create, design, and monitor interactive "Help me choose" solutions, and to deliver a smoother, more personalized, and hassle-free shopping experience across channels and touchpoints. SMARTASSISTANT product advisors engage shoppers in an interactive conversation and ask need-oriented questions to understand the shopper's preferences. Based on the user's input, SMARTASSISTANT automatically narrows down the list of suggested products and explains the result to help shoppers make faster, smarter as well as more confident and well  informed purchase decisions.
Smart Information Systems, the company that develops SMARTASSISTANT, was founded in 2006 and runs several offices in Europe and the US. The company focuses on on-going innovation and further-development of SMARTASSISTANT to deliver a future-proof and continuously evolving Guided Selling Technology that is able to create real value and benefits for businesses in a short amount of time.

Integration Overview

SMARTASSISTANT cartridge improves and enhances the end-customer experience on Salesforce Commerce Cloud e-commerce sites by enabling merchants to help their customers with the selection of the product that fits their individual needs best.
SMARTASSISTANT Guided Selling technology is a SaaS-solution that facilitates fast setup of interactive product advisors with multiple decision paths.  The product advisor will help the user to select the right product. By answering a few simple, need-oriented questions the user will be offered the best matching product from the webshop. After the implementation of SMARTASSISTANT cartridge, a merchant can support an end customer in identifying the right product for his needs. This means an improved user experience, better guidance on the website and leads to higher customer loyalty and lesser session drop outs.
The cartridge enables merchants to easily import product data from Commerce Cloud into the SMARTASSISTANT advisor. For each category an individual file will be created for the multiple languages, locales and currencies in Business Manager that can be selected for data import. The SMARTASSISTANT advisor can be integrated in the frontend via iFrame or JavaScript technology.

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Integration Features

  • Data integration: The cartridge enables e-commerce merchants to easily import product data from Commerce Cloud to the SMARTASSISTANT solution.
  • Product advisor: The product advisor technology improves the user experience on the frontend part of the website. The product advisor functionality is offered through using iFrame or Javascript technology.
  • iFrame integration: The merchant can integrate the product advisor technology in the frontend via iFrame technology 
  • Javascript integration: The merchant can integrate the product advisor technology in the frontend via Javascript technology
  • Selection of products in Business Manager: The merchant can define which products will be available for data export and therefore for the Product Advisor technology/solution globally or for each product via a dropdown menu.
  • Verification system: Configurable error notifications offered by Integration Framework module
  • Category refinements: For each category an individual file is created for multiple languages, locales and currencies that can be selected for data import.     
  • LogIn into SMARTASSISTANT: A button to SMARTASSISTANT Platform Management for Commerce Cloud users is enabled to log-in directly the SMARTASSISTANT back-office.


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