Tealium revolutionizes today’s digital businesses with a universal approach to managing the ever-increasing flows of customer data - spanning web, mobile, offline and IoT. With the power to unify customer data from a single source of truth, combined with a turnkey integration ecosystem supporting more than 1,000 vendors and technologies a true ‘customer-at the-center’ approach.  Tealium’s Universal Data Hub (UDH)  enabling users to gain real-time, actionable insights and create richer, more personalized digital experiences. More than 700 global businesses worldwide trust Tealium to power their data strategies and data governance practices. For more information, visit www.tealium.com.

Integration Overview

One of the biggest challenges in the field of digital marketing and web analytics today is the costly and time-consuming task of managing all the web page tags (pixels) that most online marketing vendors require. Tealium’s integration with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud enables marketers to easily deploy and manage their tag-based online marketing solutions on their own, without ongoing IT assistance and without JavaScript expertise. To take advantage, Commerce Cloud clients simply install the Tealium cartridge and drop a single line of code onto their web pages. They can then add, edit and remove any digital marketing vendor tag through a convenient web-based interface without ever touching the web page. Tealium provides pre-configured turnkey integration with more than 1,000+ major online vendors across a number of key categories, including web analytics, personalization, affiliate marketing, retargeting, marketing automation, and much more. Through Tealium, Commerce Cloud clients can increase marketing agility and efficiency, reduce costs and dramatically increase web site performance.

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Integration Features

• Easy implementation – a single line of code
• Turnkey integration with 1,000+ major online vendors
• Mobile app tagging
• Enhanced privacy compliance
• Reporting and alerting on tag performance


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