Multi-channel eCommerce

Multi-channel ecommerce requires sophisticated tools.

Multi-channel ecommerce is creating new challenges for the world’s leading retailers. Customers are no longer satisfied with an in-store experience or an online experience – they want to move fluidly between online and offline channels and between all of their devices as they shop for merchandise, compare products, look at reviews, make their purchases and collect their goods. But enabling a seamless multi-channel ecommerce experience is a tremendous challenge for retailers who have invested heavily in technology for individual channels, but not in the solutions to connect them.

To engage in true multi-channel ecommerce, retailers need powerful solutions to integrate channels and simplify ecommerce management. For many of the world’s leading retailers, the Demandware Commerce Cloud is the solution of choice.

Solve the challenge of multi-channel ecommerce with Demandware.

Demandware provides a single multi-channel ecommerce platform that simplifies consumer engagement, omnichannel commerce and multi-channel fulfillment. With a secure and highly scalable cloud-based infrastructure, the Demandware Commerce Cloud empowers retailers with greater agility to respond to changing conditions, seamless upgrades that deliver continuous innovation and flexible integrations with leading third-party multi-channel ecommerce solutions.

  • The Demandware ecommerce platform enables retailers to:
  • Meet the challenge of multi-channel ecommerce with tools to optimize inventory turn. With real-time information on quantities across stores, distribution centers and inventory in transit, retailers can deliver the “buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere” experience that consumers demand.
  • Support the rollout of new brands and new sites with a common infrastructure that ensures consistent business processes and multi-channel integration. With Demandware, retailers can leverage existing work and syndicate content across brands and sites for maximum impact.
  • Enable customers to view inventory beyond what they see on the shelf by equipping store associates with mobile devices connected to real-time inventory information.
  • Expand to new geographies with a multi-channel ecommerce template that can easily manage different customs, cultures, currencies and languages.
  • Personalize the shopping experience with predictive intelligence about customer needs and preferences.

Ensure faster time to value for multi-channel ecommerce technology.

The Demandware Commerce Cloud is a multi-channel ecommerce platform that enables retailers to implement ecommerce initiatives more quickly to achieve faster time to value. With Demandware, new sites and promotions can be launched in hours or days instead of weeks or months. Role-based intuitive interfaces empower users with the tools and the speed they need to respond to changing conditions. Combined with automatic scalability, these features enable retailers to execute ideas more quickly and compete more effectively in a continually evolving retail environment.

Learn more about multi-channel ecommerce with Demandware, and about the Demandware B2B ecommerce platform and mobile commerce platform.

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