Multi-channel ecommerce platform

Simply retail with a multi-channel ecommerce platform.

For merchants who want to manage multi-channel retailing more effectively, a multi-channel ecommerce platform is business-critical technology.

Multi-channel commerce is revolutionizing the retail industry. A physical store and a website are no longer the standard for retail success – customers want more options. As they shop for products, read reviews, compare offers, make purchases and receive their merchandise, consumers expect to move easily between multiple devices and between online and offline channels – and they expect retailers to be right there with them the entire way, regardless of the difficulty of multi-channel retailing.

The Demandware Commerce Cloud is a multi-channel ecommerce platform that delivers the tools to simplify multi-channel commerce, empowering the world’s leading retailer brands to engage consumers in unique and exceptional ways.

The Demandware multi-channel ecommerce platform.

The Demandware Commerce Cloud is an open and extensible platform that delivers the speed, agility and innovation retailers require to compete in a fast-changing retail environment. This multi-channel ecommerce platform provides all the tools retailers need to engage consumers across devices, channels and geographies. With a single platform that delivers high scalability and continuous innovation, Demandware enables retailers to focus on strategic business initiatives rather than back-end infrastructure.

The Demandware multi-channel ecommerce platform is built on a secure multi-tenant cloud architecture that reliably supports a large and fast-growing volume of digital commerce. New platform capabilities are deployed 6 to 8 times each year, enabling Demandware customers to always work with the latest software version. Open APIs allow for unique development without disrupting the flow of continuous updates. The LINK ecosystem of partners provides best-of-breed technology to complement this multi-channel ecommerce platform while a broad network of global solution partners provide valuable services to support retailers’ strategic initiatives.

Features of the Demandware multi-channel ecommerce platform

The Demandware multi-channel ecommerce platform provides retailers with multi-channel solutions to drive revenue and optimize customer experiences. Features include:

  • Omnichannel operations to meet consumer expectations and improve multi-channel inventory management.
  • Digitization of the store, enabling sales associates to use mobile devices to help customers view inventory beyond what is on the shelf.
  • Support for multiple brands and sites, providing consistent integration and business processes as new sites and brands are rolled out.
  • eCommerce personalization to provide customers with offers and communications tailored to their needs and shopping profile.
  • Global templates for taking advantage of retail opportunities in new geographies.

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