Multi-channel fulfillment

Multi-channel fulfillment presents new challenges for merchants.

Multi-channel fulfillment is the gold standard in the retail industry. Today's customers have more choice than ever when shopping for merchandise, moving seamlessly between devices and channels. But their multi-channel retailing experience doesn’t end when the order is placed – their satisfaction also depends on how well their order was fulfilled.

The Demandware Commerce Cloud provides retailers with the multi-channel fulfillment tools to deliver a positive customer experience from shopping through delivery and returns and exchanges. As one of the industry’s leading enterprise ecommerce platforms, Demandware also provides the capabilities to simplify management of all aspects of multi-channel ecommerce.

Multi-channel fulfillment with Demandware.

Demandware provides enterprise cloud solutions for digital commerce to many of the world’s biggest brands and retailers. The Demandware Commerce Cloud provides a digital backbone for omni-channel commerce and easier ecommerce fulfillment, enabling retailers to focus on innovation rather than their back-end infrastructure. Built on a scalable and secure multi-tenant cloud architecture, the Demandware Commerce Cloud supports superior technology to seamlessly power multi-channel retailing and multi-channel fulfillment.

With Demandware, retailers can consistently provide exceptional multi-channel fulfillment experiences, relying on features that include:

  • Integrated back-end operations that enable real-time visibility across all channels and an aggregated inventory view of all direct sales channels.
  • Simplified order tracking and returns throughout the order lifecycle.
  • A seamless order and return experience, allowing customers to order from any device and return to any store or fulfillment center.
  • An order center that streamlines order fulfillment, reduces shipping time and costs, and optimizes back-end order orchestration.
  • Intuitive role-based user interfaces that help to speed adoption and simplify management of multi-channel fulfillment.

Advantages for multi-channel fulfillment

The Demandware Commerce Cloud provides retailers with out-of-the-box advantages for improving omnichannel retailing and multi-channel fulfillment, including:

  • Cloud-based architecture that enables fast deployment uncomplicated by the typical challenges of software implementation.
  • Ability to scale quickly and provide a consistent experience for multiple brands.
  • Flexible integration with ERP, WMS and certified LINK partners, thanks to best-of-breed, pre-built integrations and the Demandware open APIs.
  • Continuous innovation through 6 to 8 releases each year that are delivered seamlessly without cost to Demandware customers globally.
  • Integrated tools for ecommerce, providing an omni-channel shopping experience that can respond to the needs of customers at any point in their retail journey.

Learn more about multi-channel fulfillment with Demandware, and about the Demandware solution for mobile commerce technology.

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