Omni-channel commerce requires sophisticated technology

As digital technologies continue to revolutionize the shopping experience, omni-channel commerce has become the new paradigm for retail success.  Consumers today don’t want to be limited to a single channel or touch point – they want the freedom to move seamlessly and effortlessly between channels as they research, browse, select, order and receive products.  

Retailers seeking to compete in omni-channel commerce can no longer rely on their legacy technology – it takes a sophisticated ecommerce platform to simplify the complex task of unifying online and in-store customer experiences.  When choosing an omni-channel commerce platform today, many of the world’s leading retailers turn to Demandware.

Demandware powers omni-channel commerce success

Demandware is the leading provider of enterprise cloud solutions for omni-channel commerce and customer engagement.  Our open cloud platform, the Demandware Commerce Cloud, provides retailers with technology that bridges the gap between consumers’ rising expectations and the ability of retail brands to meet them.  With a single platform for omni-channel shopping, engagement and fulfillment, we help our customers to lead their markets and grow their businesses more quickly.

Demandware Commerce powers omni-channel commerce by providing innovative tools for:

  • Virtual point of sale.  Demandware provides a cloud-connected, virtual POS technology that supports real-time visibility into customers, inventory, pricing and orders.
  • Inventory management.  Enjoy real-time transparency into inventory across all channels, stores, warehouse/fulfillment centers and customer service teams for more efficient and effective inventory management.
  • Omni-channel fulfillment.  Demandware technology gives customers the choice to reserve, buy and pay for products online, in-store and through customer service contact, and gives retailers the choice of fulfilling and servicing products from multiple locations.
  • Store digitization.  With digital interfaces designed specifically for use in the store, sales associates on the floor can help buyers see more inventory that what they see on the shelf, locate the right product, merge online shopping carts, make purchases and ship them anywhere.

Benefits of our omni-channel commerce platform

Demandware Commerce provides unique benefits to retailers seeking an omni-channel commerce solution:

  • Faster time value. As the marketplace and ecommerce technologies continue to evolve, you never have to worry about whether your infrastructure is ready to support your omni-channel commerce initiatives.
  • Seamless innovation. Our cloud platform is seamlessly upgraded 6 to 8 times each year to deliver a steady stream of new features and enhancements without disrupting operations.
  • An engaged community. Demandware customers have access to the insight and intelligence developed by our large community of customers.
  • A commitment to client success. Our business model and pricing structure are based on your success, enabling us to be fully invested in helping you grow and ensuring that you succeed.
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