Improve market share with omni-channel eCommerce solutions

Omni-channel ecommerce presents an enormously complex challenge for retailers seeking to stay competitive in a rapidly changing industry.  Customers expect their omni-channel experience to be flawless every time; they expect a consistent experience whether they’re shopping online or in-store, on their laptop or on their smartphone.

To simplify the complexity of omni-channel ecommerce, retailers need proven technology that offers a single solution for managing omni-channel fulfillment. For leading retailers around the world, Demandware provides a cloud ecommerce platform that delivers all the tools required to exceed customer expectations and meet the demands of omni-channel ecommerce.

Demandware delivers a leading omni-channel eCommerce platform

Demandware provides cloud-based solutions for omni-channel ecommerce to some of the world’s leading retail brands. The Demandware Commerce Cloud provides a single platform for multi-channel ecommerce operations, enabling omni-channel integration of merchandising, marketing, order management, operations, fulfillment and development.  With Demandware’s omni-channel ecommerce platform, retailers can more easily meet customers’ expectations for seamless omni-channel shopping and a personalized shopping experience.

The cloud model enables retailers to spend less time managing and maintaining IT infrastructure and more time executing against omni-channel ecommerce strategy and other business initiatives. By freeing retailers from the constrictions of legacy platforms, Demandware enables them to move forward with the speed and agility the retail industry requires.

The Demandware Commerce Cloud provides everything retailers need to power omni-channel ecommerce, including:

  • Inventory management tools that provide real-time transparency into stocked items across channels, stores, fulfillment centers and customer service teams.
  • Digital interfaces for in-store use, enabling sales associates to help buyers find inventory beyond what is on the shelf, purchase items and ship anywhere.
  • Virtual point of sale technology that is connected to the cloud and supports real-time visibility into customers’ order history, pricing, orders and inventory.
  • Omni-channel fulfillment that enables customers to reserve and pay for products online, in-store or through contact with customer service, and enables retailers to sell and service products from multiple locations.

Advantages of Demandware’s omni-channel eCommerce technology

With omni-channel ecommerce technology from Demandware, retailers can:

  • Achieve the speed and agility required to compete in the retail industry with infrastructure that is ready to support omni-channel ecommerce initiatives.
  • Enjoy seamless innovation with 6 to 8 upgrades each year, providing a steady stream of new features and enhancements without disrupting retail operations.
  • Leverage the insight and intelligence of an engaged community of Demandware customers.
  • Benefit from Demandware’s unique business model and pricing structure that are based on the success of our customers, enabling us to be fully invested in helping them to move faster and grow faster.
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