Give customers the seamless omni-channel experience they demand

Seamless omni-channel merchandising is the new standard in retail today. Customers expect an omni-channel experience that lets them effortlessly move between channels as they compare prices, place orders and receive merchandise.  They have no inkling of the difficulty in integrating siloed channels or managing the logistics of a “Buy Anywhere, Fulfill Anywhere” operation – they simply feel their omni-channel experience should be a perfect one every time, and they know if they can’t get what they want from one retailer, there are many other options a click away.

For retailers seeking technology to deliver an omni-channel experience that will satisfy the expectations of customers while simplifying omni-channel management, Demandware offers a leading cloud-based ecommerce platform.

Improve the omni-channel experience with Demandware

Demandware provides SaaS ecommerce solutions to some of the world’s leading retail brands. The Demandware Commerce Cloud is an open and extensible ecommerce platform that simplifies retail operations and enables retailers to deliver an exceptional omni-channel experience. Built on a highly scalable infrastructure that facilitates growth and innovation, the Demandware Commerce Cloud provides the state-of-the-art technology that allows retailers to focus on multi-channel ecommerce and the omni-channel experience, rather than on managing their back-end infrastructure and legacy commerce platforms.

The Demandware Commerce Cloud helps retailers deliver a superior omni-channel experience by providing a single platform for managing consumer engagement across all channels, devices and geographies. An extensible retail data model and core ecommerce functions help to ensure a consistent omni-channel experience across all channels. Open ecommerce APIs allow development of unique capabilities specific to each retailer’s business.. By removing the barriers and complexities of traditional licensed and hosted software, Demandware helps retailers deliver a superior omni-channel experience more easily and execute the strategic business initiatives that win market share and drive growth.

Solutions for an exceptional omni-channel experience

As an omni-channel platform, the Demandware Commerce Cloud helps retailers solve their most pressing challenges in delivering a seamless omni-channel experience. Demandware offers solutions for:

  • Managing omni-channel operations. Demandware technology helps retailers manage inventory more effectively, leveraging real-time views of inventory across all stores, locations, distribution centers and even inventory in transit.
  • Rolling out multiple brands and sites. Demandware can serve as the common infrastructure for new brands, sites and catalogs, enabling faster rollouts by avoiding having to start from scratch every time.
  • Expanding across borders. Demandware provides a single global template that lets retailers manage different currencies, cultures, languages and customs.
  • Digitizing the store. Demandware offers digital capabilities for the store that let sales associates help shoppers quickly find and purchase the products they’re seeking, whether it’s on the shelf or in another location.
  • Personalizing the shopping experience. Demandware enables retailers to introduce greater personalization into the omni-channel experience with predictive analytics and a clearer view of each shopper’s journey.
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