Demandware simplifies omni-channel management

For retailers seeking to provide customers with a seamless omni-channel experience, solutions that minimize the complexity of omni-channel management are a must. Providing flawless omni-channel fulfillment requires exceptional coordination between channels and operations that have traditionally operated independently. The right omni-channel management solution enables retailers to easily deliver on the “Buy Anywhere, Fulfill Anywhere” promise, giving customers the option to shop and buy online or in stores, and receive merchandise at the store or in delivered at home. Superior omni-channel management technology simplifies the difficult task of letting customers move effortlessly between channels as they compare prices, fill a shopping cart, interact with sales associates and complete a purchase.

In an industry where speed and agility determine market success, Demandware provides a cloud-based omni-channel management platform that enables some of the world’s leading brands and retailers to navigate a rapidly evolving retail landscape.

Omni-channel management with a cloud-based platform

Demandware is a leading provider of enterprise cloud commerce solutions that empower retailers to continuously innovate in a complex, consumer-driven world. The Demandware Commerce Cloud provides an open and extensible cloud platform that enables superior omni- channel management and provides the scale retailers need for complex operations.  With core commerce functions that remain consistent across applications and channel delivery, and open commerce API to enable unique development without disrupting operations, Demandware’s cloud-based ecommerce platform offers benefits including seamless innovation, ability to leverage the LINK ecosystem of best-of-breed partners, and a community of Demandware clients sharing insight to optimize customer experiences.

Capabilities for sophisticated omni-channel management

The Demandware Commerce Cloud offers retailers a single platform with a comprehensive set of capabilities for executing on omni-channel strategy, including:

  • Merchandising.  Demandware’s omni-channel management solution empowers retailers anticipate shopper’s needs and syndicate relevant content so consumers can find and buy what they want faster and more easily.
  • Marketing. Built-in tools for personalization, search, promotions and targeting help marketers promote their brand and execute marketing strategies with engagement drivers like sales, limited-time price offers and personalized communication.
  • Order management.  Capabilities to create true omni-channel experiences help simplify omni-channel management.  With a single, real-time view of inventory, retailers can avoid out-of-stock issues, while self-service functions help to lower customer service costs.
  • Development.  As an ecommerce platform, Demandware enables developers to build rich and engaging consumer experiences across any commerce channel.
  • Operations.  With Demandware’s cloud-based approach, administrators can simplify omni-channel management, maintain total control and ensure optimal performance without requiring help from database administrators or IT intervention.
  • Intelligence.  Retail intelligence enables retailers to anticipate shopping trends, while benchmarking provides a clear view of growth opportunities.
  • Personalization. With Demandware, retailers can get the full picture of a shopper’s digital footprint, including online and offline customer data. This real-time insight enables retailers to differentiate their brand across marketing touch points and shopping channels.

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