Omni-channel merchandising

Omni-channel merchandising requires innovative solutions.

Omni-channel merchandising is a competitive requirement for leading retailers today.  Consumers expect to move easily between devices and online and offline channels as they look for products, compare prices, read reviews, make payments and receive their merchandise.  While omni-channel merchandising presents enormous technical challenges, customers expect merchants to be experts at it and to execute each interaction flawlessly.  With the competition just a click or tap away, retailers need innovative multi-channel ecommerce solutions that can simplify the complex task of managing omni-channel merchandising.

The Demandware Commerce Cloud provides retailers with a world-class platform for omni-channel merchandising and for navigating the rapidly changing retail landscape.

Manage omni-channel merchandising more easily with Demandware.

Demandware provides cloud commerce systems for many of the world’s leading brands and retailers.  With a highly scalable infrastructure, seamless upgrades and third-party integrations, the Demandware Commerce Cloud serves as a digital backbone for retailers seeking to manage omni-channel merchandising more successfully and cost-efficiently.

The Demandware Commerce Cloud delivers numerous capabilities including:

  • Omni-channel merchandising, enabling customers to shop for, research, order and purchase products via any channel, and providing retailers with multiple options for fulfillment.
  • Multi-channel inventory management, providing real-time visibility into inventory and orders, and allowing retailers to track products, handle returns and manage inventory more easily.
  • Intelligent fulfillment allocation, enabling retailers to streamline and optimize back-end order orchestration to reduce shipping time, minimize costs, reduce markdowns, increase inventory turn and provide customers with greater convenience.
  • Intuitive role-based user interfaces that provide business and technical users with specific capabilities, improving efficiency and expediting fulfillment.

Advantages for omni-channel merchandising

By providing comprehensive capabilities for omni-channel merchandising on one scalable and resilient platform, Demandware delivers significant advantages for retailers:

  • Faster time to market. The Demandware Commerce Cloud offers fast implementation, quick adoption and ease of use, giving retailers the speed and agility they require to take advantage of new market opportunities.
  • Easier integration. Demandware Open APIs simplify multi-channel integration with ERP, WMS and other systems, while also enabling customization and integration with best-of-breed technology from certified partners.
  • Continuous innovation. New features and enhancements are automatically delivered six to eight times each year without added cost or disruption to operations, enabling retailers to keep up with technology while maintaining their focus on strategic business priorities.
  • Consistent shopping experience. With a multi-tenant, cloud-based architecture, the Demandware Commerce Cloud lets retailers scale quickly and provide a consistent experience across brands and sites.

Learn more about Demandware’s omni-channel merchandising solutions, and about the Demandware Commerce Cloud.

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