Simplify commerce with an omni-channel platform

Providing customers with a seamless omni-channel experience is no easy feat, but the right omni-channel platform can help to simplify this complex challenge.  With a superior omni-channel platform, retailers can deliver the “buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere” experience that customers expect today. A unified omni-channel platform  can help simplify omni-channel integration and provide a more cohesive and personalized shopping experience across all touch points. With the right omni-channel platform, retailers can manage their omni-channel strategy more easily and scale effortlessly as the business grows.

When seeking an omni-channel platform to power their ecommerce operations, some of the world’s leading brands and retailers rely on the Demandware Commerce Cloud.

A leading omni-channel platform from Demandware

Demandware is a leading provider of commerce solutions to enterprises worldwide. The Demandware Commerce Cloud is a cloud-based commerce platform that provides the speed, agility, innovation and superior economics that retailers need to compete in an industry where change is constant and unpredictable. As an open and extensible omni-channel platform, the Demandware Commerce Cloud enables retailers to drive consumer engagement across all devices, channels and geographies. Retailers benefit from a single solution that can scales to meet the demands of complex operations while providing a core commerce functions that stay consistent across applications and channel delivery.

Features of Demandware’s omni-channel platform

With Demandware’s omni-channel platform, retailers can:

  • Manage omni-channel operations. The Demandware Commerce cloud provides tools to manage inventory across multiple locations, stores, distribution centers and even inventory in transit. With this omni-channel platform, retailers can more easily deliver on the “buy anywhere, service anywhere, and fulfill anywhere” promise.
  • Digitize the store.  Demandware’s omni-channel platform offers digital interfaces that enable sales associates to help customers find inventory that isn’t on the shelf, make purchases and ship merchandise anywhere.
  • Manage multiple brands and sites. The Demandware Commerce Cloud provides a common infrastructure across all brands, sites, categories, online catalogs and consumer experiences. With Demandware, retailers can ensure consistent integration and business processes as new sites are rolled out.
  • Expand with ease. Demandware’s omni-channel platform enables retailers to use a single global template to manage sites for different cultures, customs, currencies and languages.
  • Personalize the shopping experience.  Retailers can use predictive intelligence to see the full picture of a shopper’s journey, including online and offline customer and product data, promotions and content, in order to personalize the shopping experience.

Learn more about Demandware’s cloud commerce platform, and about Demandware’s commerce solution for B2B ecommerce integration. 

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