Omni-channel shopping requires a powerful eCommerce platform

Omni-channel shopping is the new reality for retailers today.  Customers expect to move quickly and easily between channels as they compare products, shop for the best price, place orders and receive their merchandise. And they expect retailers to be right there with them, providing a perfect omni-channel shopping experience every time.  Customers don’t care how difficult it may be to provide seamless omni-channel shopping – they only know that if they can’t get what they want from one retailer, they can get it from another in one click.

For retailers seeking to stay competitive in this new landscape, Demandware provides a leading ecommerce platform that enables retailers to meet the demands of today’s omni-channel shopper.

Simplify omni-channel shopping

Demandware simplifies retail operations with a single platform for omni-channel shopping, engagement and fulfillment. The Demandware Commerce Cloud is built on a highly scalable infrastructure that enables retailers to grow quickly and continue to innovate in this new consumer-driven, omni-channel shopping world.  The Demandware Commerce Cloud is used by some of the world’s leading retailers and brands as the digital backbone of their business-to-consumer (B2C) omni-channel shopping operations.

Capabilities of our omni-channel shopping technology include:

  • Omni-channel choice, enabling the customer to reserve, buy and pay for products through multiple channels and providing retailers with multiple options for fulfillment and service.
  • Virtual POS that supports real-time visibility into stores, warehouses and fulfillment centers and customer service teams across all channels.
  • Real-time visibility into orders and inventory, simplifying tracking, returns and inventory management.
  • Seamless order and return processes, providing greater convenience for customers while building brand value..
  • Intelligent fulfillment that helps to reduce shipping time and costs, increase inventory turn and reduce markdowns.
  • Intuitive role-based user interfaces that empower business and technical users with the specific capabilities they need to work more efficiently.

The advantages of omni-channel shopping

The Demandware Commerce Cloud provides an agile solution that helps retailers stay competitive by meeting the omni-channel shopping demands of consumers. This innovative platform provides unique advantages right out of the box:

  • Faster time to market – a cloud-based platform, the Demandware Commerce Cloud can be implemented quickly, while intuitive user interfaces enable quick adoption.
  • A single platform provides a unified experience across multiple sites and multiple brands.
  • Open infrastructure makes integration with ERP, WMS and other systems easy and straightforward.
  • Cloud-based innovation provides new features and enhancements that are automatically delivered multiple times each year without disruption or added cost.
  • A true omni-channel shopping experience allows customers to buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere and service anywhere.
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