Retailers require sophisticated omni-channel solutions

As the retail industry continues its transition to omni-channel merchandising, retailers need powerful omni-channel solutions to grow their business. The complexity of omni-channel commerce is enormous and retailers require omni-channel solutions that enable a seamless customer experience. Customers not only expect to move easily between online, mobile and in-store interactions, they also expect to be recognized and treated as a VIP no matter where or how they engage with a brand. For retailers seeking omni-channel solutions to drive growth and facilitate innovation, Demandware offers a leading cloud-based omni-channel platform.

Omni-channel solutions for retail success

The Demandware Commerce Cloud provides retailers with a single platform to integrate omni- channel solutions for all aspects of ecommerce operation. Built on a highly scalable infrastructure that enables retailers to grow quickly and innovate constantly, Demandware’s platform provides the digital backbone that powers ecommerce solutions for some of the world’s leading retail brands.

The Demandware Commerce Cloud enables retailers to implement omni channel solutions with technology and capabilities for:

  • Omni-channel shopping, allowing customers to research, purchase and pay for products via multiple channels, and allowing retailers to fulfill and service orders from multiple locations.
  • Inventory management, with real time visibility into orders and inventory to simplify tracking and returns.
  • Virtual point of sale technology that delivers real-time visibility into stores, customer service teams, and warehouses and fulfillment centers across all channels.
  • Intelligent fulfillment solutions that lower the costs of shipping, minimize markdowns and increase inventory turn.
  • Seamless order and return processes that offer customers more convenience and increase brand value.

Advantages of Demandware’s omni-channel solutions

With the Demandware Commerce Cloud, retailers can implement a wide variety of omni- channel solutions to execute on their most strategic imperatives in a timely and cost-effective way. Omni-channel solutions powered by Demandware technology include:

  • Omni-channel operations, fulfilling the demand for a “buy anywhere, service anywhere, fulfill anywhere” customer experience.
  • Store digitization, providing sales associates with digital interfaces to better connect customers with the products they want.
  • Global expansion, using a single global template to handle different customs, currencies, languages and cultures.
  • Management of multiple brands and sites, providing a common infrastructure that delivers consistent integration and business processes as new sites and brands are rolled out.
  • Personalized shopping experiences, enabling retailers to use predictive intelligence to get the full picture of the customer’s journey and differentiate brands across marketing touch points and channels.

Learn more about Demandware’s ecommerce platform and cloud ecommerce solutions, and about Demandware solutions for B2B ecommerce integration.

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