Omni-channel strategy

Executing an omni-channel strategy requires flexible technology.

An effective omni-channel strategy is critical to retail success today. Customers want to be able to shop, pay for and receive their merchandise using a combination of devices and online and offline channels, moving seamlessly between them whenever they choose. To meet these rigorous demands, a successful omni-channel strategy must include capabilities for multi-channel consumer engagement, inventory management and omni-channel fulfillment.

Successfully implementing and managing an omni-channel strategy requires sophisticated technology, yet many retailers are tied to legacy systems that can’t keep up with the pace of change in the retail industry. For merchants seeking flexible and innovative solutions for omni-channel management, Demandware provides a leading multi-channel ecommerce platform.

Manage omni-channel strategy with Demandware.

The Demandware Commerce Cloud provides retailers with one platform for managing all the technology required to implement an omni-channel strategy. With easy scalability, seamless upgrades and third-party integrations, Demandware’s cloud-based platform serves as the digital backbone for many of the world’s leading brands and retailers. With the Demandware Commerce Cloud, merchants get the speed, agility and innovative technology required to implement an omni-channel strategy in a rapidly changing retail environment.

Capabilities for implementing an omni-channel strategy.

The Demandware Commerce Cloud delivers comprehensive capabilities that enable retailers to more easily manage all aspects of an omni-channel strategy, including:

  • Omni-channel operations. With Demandware, retailers can deliver the “buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere” shopping experience that consumers expect. Merchants can leverage real-time quantities across multiple locations, including other stores, distribution centers and inventory in transit to optimize inventory turn and meet fulfillment expectations.
  • Personalized shopping experience. Demandware uses predictive intelligence to capture the full picture of each shopper’s journey. By connecting and analyzing data points, merchants can better understand the consumer’s behavior, needs and preferences, personalizing communications and offers across all touch points and channels.
  • Digitized stores. With Demandware, sales associates can use mobile interfaces to help customers view inventory beyond what is on the shelf, find the right product, merge online shopping carts, make purchases and ship them anywhere. Digitizing stores supports omni-channel strategy by preventing walked sales and building higher-value shopping carts.
  • Support for multiple sites and brands. With Demandware serving as a common infrastructure, retailers can more easily launch new sites and roll out new brands, leveraging existing work and business processes rather than starting from scratch each time.

Learn more about executing an omni-channel strategy or ecommerce strategy with Demandware, and about the Demandware Commerce Cloud.

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