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Retailers require a sophisticated online ecommerce solution.

In a rapidly changing retail environment, merchants seeking competitive advantage need a powerful online ecommerce solution. Traditional on-premise ecommerce solutions can no longer handle the demands of omni-channel retailing and ecommerce fulfillment. Customers want to be able to shift quickly and easily between online and offline channels, but legacy infrastructure simply can’t integrate the technology required to meet consumer demands or provide the innovation retailers need to take advantage of new opportunities.

As a leading provider of cloud-based solutions for the retail industry, Demandware provides an online ecommerce solution that offers the speed, agility and innovation merchants need to compete in today’s retail landscape.

An online ecommerce solution from Demandware

The Demandware Commerce Cloud is an online ecommerce solution that offers retailers one platform for all commerce and ecommerce services, including solutions for omni-channel merchandising, customer engagement and fulfillment. Built on a resilient and highly scalable infrastructure, the Demandware Commerce Cloud enables retailers to innovate faster and more quickly launch sites, roll out brands, digitize stores and take advantage of global opportunities.

With the Demandware Commerce Cloud, retailers get a world-class cloud ecommerce platform with capabilities for:

  • Managing omni-channel retailing. With the Demandware Commerce Cloud, retailers can manage inventory more easily with real-time visibility into quantities across multiple locations including other stores, warehouse/distribution centers and even inventory in transit.
  • Digitizing the retail store. Demandware provides mobile interfaces designed specifically for use in the store, enabling sales associates to help shoppers see and purchase inventory beyond what is on the shelf.
  • Personalizing the shopping experience. By collecting and analyzing data points from across the shopper’s entire journey, the Demandware Commerce Cloud helps retailers better understand customer needs and preferences and tailor email, websites and offers for greater personalization.
  • Managing multiple brands and sites. The Demandware Commerce Cloud provides a common infrastructure for all brands and sites, enabling consistent business processes and ecommerce integration. With Demandware, merchants can leverage existing work to roll out new brands and sites more quickly.
  • Expanding globally. Demandware help retailers take advantage of opportunities across borders more easily, offering a single global template that can handle different currencies, customs, cultures and languages.

A cloud commerce solution that delivers seamless innovation.

With six to eight upgrades each year, the Demandware Commerce Cloud helps retailers stay at the leading edge of innovation and keep pace with the dynamic retail environment. Upgrades are delivered seamlessly without disrupting day-to-day retail operations, while the platform’s open architecture enables retailers to build their own unique capabilities without compromising the upgrade path. This  cloud commerce solution also makes it easy to connect with third-party technologies through pre-built integrations that resist breaking during upgrades.

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