Personalized shopping experience

The personalized shopping experience requires sophisticated solutions.

Creating a more personalized shopping experience is high priority for retailers today. When merchants do personalization well, they can prove that they understand the consumer’s needs, tastes and preferences, helping to drive customer loyalty, more frequent visits and greater profitability.

But to truly deliver on the promise of a personalized shopping experience, retailers must not only respond to customer actions and explicit requests but be able to predict what the customer will want next – possibly even before the customer knows. This kind of predictive personalized shopping experience requires technology to collect and aggregate a myriad of data points, and apply sophisticated analytics to customize online and offline communications, promotions, contents and offers across all shopping channels.

When choosing the technology that can best deliver a personalized shopping experience, many of the world’s leading brands and retailers turn to the Demandware Commerce Cloud.

Deliver a personalized shopping experience with Demandware.

Demandware simplifies retail commerce and omni-channel ecommerce by providing one of the most powerful enterprise ecommerce platforms for customer engagement, merchandizing and fulfillment. Built on a highly scalable cloud architecture, the Demandware Commerce Cloud serves as the digital backbone for retailers who want to improve the omni-channel experience and more quickly roll out brands, launch sites, digitize stores and integrate the latest technologies – at a cost that is lower than legacy on-premise solutions.

With Demandware, retailers can spend more time executing on strategic initiatives to take advantage of business opportunities, and less time managing their back-end infrastructure. The Demandware Commerce Cloud is open and extensible, providing the scale required to give customers a personalized shopping experience based on predictive intelligence. Seamless innovation is delivered through six to eight platform upgrades each year, without disrupting day-to-day operations. And Demandware customers have access to a vast network of partners offering best-of-breed technology as well an active community of Demandware users who serve as a vital source of insight and intelligence.

Comprehensive capabilities for a personalized shopping experience.

Demandware applies predictive intelligence to the full picture of the shopper’s journey, including data points from online and offline customer data, product information, promotions and content. With a real-time understanding of customer behavior, shopping history and preferences, retailers can more easily tailor merchandising and marketing to provide customers with the most personalized shopping experience.

Demandware’s capabilities for in-store and ecommerce personalization include:

  • Email marketing tools to personalize the content of every email.
  • On-site personalization tools to create unique shopping experiences with product recommendations proven to increase conversion rates and average order value.
  • Analytics that leverage the full complement of customer data to predict what they want and optimize their experience.

Learn more about creating a personalized shopping experience with Demandware, and about the Demandware solution for a mobile commerce platform.

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