Predictive Email

Personalize every message to every shopper without adding production resources into your day-to-day email process. Bringing more shoppers to your site drives over 80% of the growth in digital commerce, so how do you drive more traffic to your site? Targeted email is a typical strategy, and most retailers today still rely on conventional audience segmentation for targeting. While this is a better strategy than blasting the identical email to hundreds of thousands recipients, this requires signifi cant time and effort to query, segment, test and deploy multi-version campaigns. Even with this investment, customer segmentation alone does not go far enough to deliver the most relevant content and product recommendations, and thereby compromises the optimal revenue lift across the entire email marketing program.

Features and Benefits That Make Predictive Email so Impactful

We’ve developed a comprehensive retail data model, and pre-integrated the key data sources – clickstream, transactions and catalog data - into the Demandware Commerce Cloud. We apply enterprise-class predictive modeling to select the optimal content for each individual customer, even inactive shoppers, scaling to millions of permutations. This powerful approach fuels significant revenue lift for your commerce program.

Your shoppers are moving fast and so is your brand. Predictive Email uses the most up-to-the-moment shopper activity data to inform its recommendations engine, which means that customers receive the most relevant experience possible.

Segmentation is hard, and requires production resources to set up campaigns and proof them. Predictive Email helps you avoid this hefty segmentation burden with a simple one-time integration into an email template using a URL-based approach. This allows you to leverage your existing email service provider (ESP) and avoid a costly implementation.

Behavioral triggers are an important part of your email program. Predictive Email can qualify recipients to receive behavioral triggered messages, which allows you to deploy more triggered campaigns through your ESP to further grow revenue.

With business rule support, you retain control over the content of the messages. You can manage brand or product adjacencies, product exclusions and more. And each campaign can feature different business rules, allowing for message variety across your program.

“Personalized emails can produce transaction rates and revenue six times higher than non-personalized messages.”
Experian Marketing Services, 2013 Email Marketing Study

Predictive Email Has Unique Advantages

In today’s ultra-competitive retail market, brand differentiation is an absolute must. By creating relevant experiences for shoppers - starting with marketing messages - you will retain and grow customer relationships.

Predictive Email personalizes messages for each recipient using all elements of the message, from products to offers and even imagery. This provides relevance at scale and significant revenue lift.

Using predictive science, we are able to personalize messages even to the customers you know very little about. By combing through the smallest facets of data, like color and style, we can infer preferences that shape a relevant experience for those customers who may not have visited or purchased recently.

Marketers can dramatically increase the level of personalization across their entire email program without increasing the resource burden within the campaign production process.

Because the platform is delivered through the cloud, retailers benefit from continuous innovation, with new features and enhancements automatically delivered, globally, without disruption or cost. We enable you to be agile and focus on your business, instead of managing infrastructure.

Predictive Email is an integral part of creating a unified shopping experience for your customers. From relevant emails to on-site personalization and all the way through to fulfi llment, orchestrating the shopping experience is more important than ever, and made easier with the Demandware Commerce Cloud.

Predictive Email provides the most relevant email messages for your entire email list, which drives significant gains in traffic and revenue, without incurring the burden of additional cost or effort.

Predictive Email Potential
  • Deliver precise, personalized content and relevance at scale
  • Deploy to your entire email list, even inactive customers
  • Add incremental revenue without more resources
  • Enjoy continuous innovation with a native cloud-based solution
  • Create a unified customer experience
“By 2018, organizations that have fully invested in all types of online personalization will outsell companies that have not by more than 30%.”
Gartner Market Guide for Digital Personalization Engines, Gillespie, Daigler and Revang, April 2015

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