Commerce Cloud
Endless Aisle

Extend the freedom and flexibility of digital commerce to the in-person shopping experience.

The world of retail has changed. Today’s customer is accustomed to the ease and convenience of online shopping, including 1-click transactions, personalized recommendations, and unlimited choice. Today’s customer also buys across multiple channels, expecting a seamless, personalized experience throughout. These expectations don’t disappear when they walk into your store.

Breathe new life into your store and meet shopper demands with Endless Aisle. This revolutionary solution enables retailers to extend digital capabilities to their physical locations—permanent and pop-up—without having to rip and replace current store solutions.

  • Delight shoppers with natural transitions between online and in-store experiences
  • Offer in-store shoppers the same freedom and flexibility they enjoy online
  • Enable a single view of each customer journey by uniting digital and store channels
  • Optimize merchandising, promotions, and services with cross-channel customer insights
  • Arm associates with easy-to-use mobile applications

Commerce Cloud Endless Aisle Key Features

Inventory Integration

Offer in-store shoppers the same product choices they enjoy online.

Extended Access: Give store associates full access to available inventory, regardless of its location.

Extended Choices: Offer limitless purchase options to in-store shoppers, including online-only items.

Saved Sales: Eliminate walked sales typically lost to out-of-stock products.

Order Management Integration

Offer in-store shoppers multiple fulfillment options through Endless Aisle’s integration with Commerce Cloud Order Management.

Flexible Returns: Offer customers the ability to return items through any touchpoint.

Flexible Fulfillment: Activate store inventory to fulfill online orders, and vice versa.

Fulfillment Optimization: Enable cross-store pick, pack, and ship capabilities.

Digital Commerce Integration

Align in-person and online experiences through Endless Aisle’s integration with Commerce Cloud Digital.

Unified Journeys: Create a single view of each customer journey across all channels.

Unified Access: Enjoy full visibility into product data, pricing, inventory, and more.

Extended Selling: Access or add items to a customer’s online wishlist that they can purchase at their convenience.

VIDEO CASE STUDY True Religion Jeans masters omni-channel with a digital sales floor

Empower Store Associates

Arm associates with mobile apps that are familiar, fun, and easy to learn.

Mobile Service: Give sales associates the freedom to engage with shoppers anywhere on the sales floor.

Enhanced Access: Look up detailed inventory and customer information in real-time.

Digital Sales: Complete in-store transactions for digital merchandise.

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