Commerce Cloud Store

Breathe new life into your store with mobile-first point of sale software, unified operations, real-time insights,
and personalized customer journeys.


The world of retail is evolving rapidly. The modern shopper has become accustomed to the ease and convenience of online shopping, including 1-click transactions, personalized recommendations, and extensive choice. The connected customer also shops across multiple channels, expecting a seamless, personalized experience throughout. These expectations don’t disappear when they walk into your store.

Keeping up with these changes is not easy. Most retail brands still struggle to provide the in-store shopping experience that modern customers now demand:

  • Most in-store technology and POS software is outdated, lacking the agility to meet customer expectations
  • Most stores use multiple systems, involving complex integrations and many points of failure
  • Most stores use onsite software, which is difficult to deploy, maintain, and upgrade
  • Most stores are isolated from other channels, preventing insight into customer activity, inventory, and operations

Conquer these challenges and embrace the future with Commerce Cloud Store! This single, comprehensive solution delivers traditional and mobile POS software, unified store operations, distributed inventory, cross-channel integration, and a rich set of core capabilities—all powered by the flexibility and agility of the cloud.

  • Launch in-store upgrades and innovations multiple times a year without delays or disruptions
  • Streamline daily operations with unified store management and real-time mobile dashboards
  • Empower associates with mobile point of sale software and intelligence-based assisted selling
  • Eliminate channel silos and create natural transitions between online and in-store shopping
  • Optimize merchandising, promotions, and services with cross-channel customer insights

Commerce Cloud Store Key Features

Core Point of Sale Software

Enjoy the performance and reliability of an on-premise solution with the added agility and flexibility of the cloud.

  • Perform real-time transactions, sales, returns, and exchanges
  • Update POS systems with offer, pricing, and promotional changes
  • Deliver continuous and seamless in-store technology innovations
  • Eliminate interruptions with a resilient failover system

Mobile POS Software

Give sales associates the freedom to assist customers on the sales floor, where

  • Deliver all core POS capabilities in an easy, familiar mobile format
  • Look up detailed inventory and customer information in real-time
  • Empower associates with assisted selling and detailed product information
  • Eliminate customer wait times with line-busting capability

Unified Store Operations

Enjoy a rich set of operational capabilities unified by the cloud.

  • Manage inventory control, cash, transfers, and receiving
  • Track store performance with real-time mobile dashboards
  • Perform back office tasks in a fraction of the time

Digital Commerce Integration

Eliminate channel silos and unite in-store operations with digital customers.

  • Create a single view of each customer journey across all channels
  • Enjoy full visibility into customer data, pricing, inventory, and more
  • Align in-store and online operations for maximum impact
VIDEO CASE STUDY Retailer vineyard vines connects with customers like never before

Order Management

Deliver the “buy anywhere, service anywhere, fulfill anywhere”

  • Activate store inventory to fulfill online orders
  • Enable cross-store pick, pack, and ship capabilities
  • Offer customers the ability to return items through any touchpoint

Personalization Driven By Einstein

Leverage powerful AI capabilities to create highly personal in-store shopping experiences.

  • Provide 1:1 product recommendations personalized to each shopper
  • Arm store associates with relevant cross-sell and upsell strategies
  • Eliminate the guesswork of manual recommendations​

Endless Aisle

Provide customers limitless product choice by extending digital commerce into the store.

  • Provide store associates access to website inventory
  • Offer and sell online-only items through the store
  • Recover sales typically lost to out-of-stock items
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