Your Path to AI-Powered Commerce

Discover the power of personalization with Einstein!
Create intelligent 1 to 1 shopping experiences and empower merchandisers with easy-to-use AI embedded across Commerce Cloud.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere. People have intelligence-driven experiences every day through favorite apps, product recommendations, face and voice recognition, and more. The connected customer now expects these highly personalized, smart experiences across every brand they interact with—including yours.

AI still remains out of reach for most retailers. Why? Because it’s hard. Beyond the technology itself, the cost and complexity of gathering, analyzing, and interpreting the vast amounts of data produced by customers requires an army of data scientists and machine learning experts.

Commerce Cloud makes AI easy for everyone—no data scientist or expert required. Commerce Cloud is the only commerce solution with machine learning embedded into the very fabric of the platform, enabling powerful AI capabilities that drive delightful, personalized shopping experiences across digital, store, and mobile channels:

  • Recommend the best products across all commerce channels
  • Generate 1:1 predictions for every single shopper in real time
  • Get smart and boost conversions with data-driven commerce insights
  • Save time and effort with automated merchandising tasks

Einstein Key Features

Einstein Product Recommendations

Power 1:1 personalized product recommendations across all channels—both online and in the store.

  • Provide data-driven product recommendations to all shoppers, not just authenticated users
  • Eliminate guesswork with automated merchandising tailored to each web page
  • Empower store associates with upsell and cross-sell guides personalized to each customer

Einstein Commerce Insights

Interpret purchasing behavior with a powerful shopping basket analysis dashboard.

  • Understand how customers are buying products with easy visual tools that require zero training
  • Plan better shopping experiences with metrics around product-specific sales and top co-purchase categories
  • Maximize conversions by optimizing product bundles, sets,  deals, and merchandising
  • Develop meaningful marketing campaign strategies around each customer’s shopping habits

Einstein Predictive Sort

Connect customers to products with tailored product sorting.

  • Provide the best site experience by automatically personalizing search/category pages for each shopper—anonymous or authenticated
  • Save time by enabling sort personalization within your existing business tools
  • Drive conversions by showing shoppers what they want, especially in micro-moments on mobile devices

Einstein Search Dictionaries

Eliminate lost sales due to bad search results.

  • Identify popular search terms missing in your dictionaries through a comprehensive analysis of all searches made on your site
  • Use Einstein to automatically pair missing terms with an appropriate synonym list
  • Guarantee relevant, robust search results every single time, for every single user

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Real-Time Data Capture

Commerce Cloud Einstein automatically consumes customer behavior, product data, and order history as it happens, in real time. You can also specify additional data to capture, like store purchases or social media activity.

Step 2: Embedded Machine Learning

Commerce Cloud Einstein builds data models around these attributes and behaviors—no data scientist required!

Step 3: Instant Connection

Commerce Cloud Einstein transforms intelligence into action through easy-to-use Einstein features, empowering merchandisers with smart, meaningful capabilities they can access any time via a few simple clicks.

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