Why Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

Learn why Commerce Cloud is the world’s #1 enterprise cloud commerce platform.

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Discover the Salesforce Commerce Cloud advantage!  Our top-rated cloud commerce platform is backed by extensive industry experience and a powerful product strategy built on three fundamental differentiators: faster innovation, predictive intelligence, and unified commerce. Brands using Commerce Cloud move to market faster, engage significantly more customers, and deliver seamless shopping experiences across all channels—digital, mobile, social, and store.

  • Commerce Cloud is currently powering more than 2000 websites in 50+ countries
  • Commerce Cloud brands grow 2x faster than the industry rate
  • Commerce Cloud brands enjoy 40-60% higher conversion rates than with legacy platforms
  • Over $16 billion worth of merchandise is sold online annually through Commerce Cloud
  • Commerce Cloud is recognized as market leader by both Gartner and Forrester
  • Commerce Cloud is the only vendor that Forrester recognized as leader in both Digital Commerce and POS

We offer more than a world-leading cloud commerce platform.  To give our customers every possible advantage, Salesforce Commerce Cloud follows a unique business model based on shared success. We foster a large community of global retailers with insights, advice, and inspiration to share. What’s more, our cloud commerce solutions work seamlessly with other Salesforce clouds to power the entire customer journey. Together, these elements work to ensure your success—both now and into the future.

Faster Innovation

Move faster and deliver innovative customer experiences without delays or dependencies.

Cloud Innovation Model: Harness the power and agility of the cloud, including seamless upgrades, an open standards-based development and customization environment, and a rich ecosystem of technology partners.

Mobile and Social Integration: Conquer new digital channels faster with responsive designs, mobile APIs, distributed commerce integrations for social channels, and integrated Apple Pay for web.

Business User Productivity: Empower users with role-based UIs and real-time insights into all critical data—customer, product, order, inventory, and more.

Streamlined Management: Manage all channels, brands, and geographies with a single, comprehensive platform—even when multiple sites, languages, and currencies are involved.

Predictive Commerce

Automate 1:1 commerce experiences with next-generation artificial intelligence powered by Commerce Cloud Einstein.

Product Recommendations: Recommend the best products to any customer on any channel—even if they are shopping anonymously.

Personalized Content: Predict what email content and product assortments will resonate with each customer for maximum impact.

Commerce Insights: Leverage data-driven insights for smarter merchandising and store planning.

Unified Experiences

Create seamless shopping experiences across channels, and streamline operations.

Digital and Store Integration: Unify digital channels with the store to deliver seamless shopping experiences, operational coordination, and a single view of customer, product, inventory, and more.

Personalized Journeys: Deliver personalized experiences at every touchpoint by leveraging the customer’s complete history across all channels.

Distributed Order Management: Deliver the “buy anywhere, fulfill from anywhere, service anywhere” experience with single, real-time view of all orders, inventory, products, and promotions occurring both online and in the store.

Commerce and CRM: Combined with other Salesforce clouds, Commerce Cloud becomes part of a complete customer success platform, powering everything from commerce to marketing, customer service, community, and beyond.

The Power of Shared Success

Retail Practice and Customer Success: Commerce Cloud provides our customers with dedicated account teams and expert consultants offering both technical and retail support.

Operation Monitoring and Tech Support: In addition to providing world-class technical support, Commerce Cloud teams track how our customers use the platform, and proactively engage with them to ensure smooth, successful operations.

Partner and Developer Certification: Commerce Cloud evaluates and certifies partners and developers to ensure that when our customers seek additional resources, they have access to qualified, capable people.

Community: Commerce Cloud fosters an extensive global community of fellow retailers, including networking opportunities such as user conferences, regional events, and an online portal.

Building the Entire Customer Journey

When combined with other Salesforce clouds, Commerce Cloud becomes an integral part of the Salesforce Customer Success Platform that includes marketing, customer service, community, and more. Together, they power the entire customer journey, from discovery and engagement to purchase and advocacy.

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