A Framework for Retail Transformation

An objective, actionable roadmap that empowers retail brands to enable their business transformation.

Many retailers are challenged to meet the requirements of today’s demanding consumers. On top of that, they need to acquire new skills faster than ever before. To help retailers prioritize investments, we have introduced an assessment framework to help brands benchmark their current maturity and identify areas where they should to focus their efforts.

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The evolution of the traditional path to purchase is a global phenomenon. The traditional metaphor for a consumer’s path to purchase was applicable at a time when retailers enjoyed the benefits of information asymmetry (of pricing, product availability), and controlled the primary means of communication and commerce (stores, direct retailer websites).

Over the next few years, customer engagement and commerce will increasingly occur on platforms not directly controlled by the retailer — 3rd party mobile apps, social media and messaging platforms among others. This “democratization” of retail has decisively transferred control of the user experience from the retailer to the consumer.

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