Embrace the Next Stage of Retail Transformation

How leading retail organizations are becoming adaptive, collaborative, and network-centric

The concept of customer centricity is rapidly evolving! Retail industry leaders are taking a new approach to their operational and organizational models, looking beyond their own four walls to collaborate with others—even those they might consider competitors.

This next phase in retail organizational transformation is based upon a collaborative ecosystem that is open and interconnected. Leading retailers and brands are beginning to build adaptive networks of partners that offer a personalized blend of products and services to customers—wherever and whenever they shop. These “network-centric” retail organizations exist to serve one purpose—the customer.​

Accenture and Salesforce conducted 200 surveys and 20 interviews with retail industry executives. Our findings will help you navigate the complex transformation into the retail organization of the future—an adaptive, collaborative, and intelligent operation focused entirely on the customer.

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The research has identified six characteristics that define the organization of the future that, once adopted, result in an adaptive, open and intelligent operation that is completely focused on the customer. 

Adaptive: Organizational maturity and change is a journey—not a destination. Leaders have a clear understanding of the journey and one’s place on it.

Open: It is unlikely that all capabilities exist within one organization. Do not be insulated or isolated. Collaborate and partner. Systems and processes are increasingly open and agile to extend beyond one’s own enterprise and industry.

Intelligent: Become a master and steward of data. Test. Learn. Move. Leverage customer and market insights to innovate at pace and personalize each shopping experience.

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