Moving to a Cloud Commerce Solution

How to talk to your CIO about cloud-based commerce

Competing effectively in a high-stakes digital business environment requires agility and innovation, but retail organizations are often hampered by on-premise legacy technology, operational roadblocks, and complex solutions cobbled together from multiple systems across multiple channels.  

Cloud infrastructures and unified cloud commerce solutions are the natural answers, giving retailers the speed and flexibility they need to keep their brands ahead of the curve. Unfortunately, not all CIOs are on board—or at least, they aren’t ready to move yet.

This guide examines why CIOs often cannot move forward with cloud commerce initiatives quickly, and suggests eight new ways to help your CIO embrace the change.

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While many CIOs recognize that cloud computing is here to
 stay, and may have already transitioned some of their back-office systems to the cloud, it’s hard to justify switching out a major system unless there is a critical need. Remember the favorite adage of cost-conscious execs: if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. The digital commerce system, which represents the most visible face of the company and is the revenue driver, might be seen as too risky to change if things seem to be going “well enough.” 

Here are two of the eight top areas where business leaders can start a meaningful conversation with the CIO on cloud commerce solutions: 

1. Understand the future of commerce.

As business requirements rise, retailers should operate from a position of strength. Research shows that retailers are moving to cloud-based technology, and those who do are outperforming the competition

2. Outperform the competition.

CIOs are increasingly accountable for driving business results, and choosing the right technology infrastructure can provide the means to do so. Research shows that retailers on a cloud commerce platform realize accelerated time to market, rapid innovation and faster international expansion, compared with retailers using a custom-built or on-premise platform. 

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