Commerce Cloud Order Management

Deliver the “buy anywhere, service anywhere, fulfill anywhere” experience

As the backbone of your unified commerce strategy, Order Management connects Commerce Cloud Digital and Commerce Cloud Store with a powerful engine that delivers real-time inventory visibility, order lifecycle management, and allocation/fulfillment logic. Give your team productivity tools to create a more efficient workforce, and offer your consumers the freedom to buy and receive products how, where, and when they want.

  • Deliver seamless omni-channel experiences, such as buy/reserve online and pick up in-store
  • Ensure every opportunity to sell available inventory, regardless of where it’s located
  • Eliminate the complexity of managing cross-channel inventory and order data
  • Empower customer-facing users with fulfillment workflow productivity tools  

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Integrated backend operations allow real-time transparency across all your channels, from stores, warehouse/fulfillment centers and customer service teams to management - with all data originating from a single source. 

  • Efficient and effective inventory management results in revenue optimization and a reduction of lost sales due to stockouts
  • Aggregated inventory view of all direct sales channels
  • Simplified order tracking and returns – throughout the order lifecycle – by consolidating customer activities
  • Team empowerment to optimize customers’ experiences and act as efficient business advocates
  • Management visibility to analyze reports and optimize profitability

Flexibility in the order and return process provides a seamless experience for the customer. Orders can be made from any mobile device, in the store or directly with a customer service associate. Returns are equally convenient with the option to return to store or fulfillment center.

  • Make convenience a top priority while building brand integrity
  • Give customer service agents an end-to-end view of order status, order history, and available-to-sell inventory
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