Mastering Consumer Experience in the Retail Renaissance

Learn where brands fall short, and how top-performing leaders succeed.

How many times have you heard someone say, “We must put the customer in the center of everything we do”? Although this is a common goal, many brands still struggle to meet it. It’s time to pause and reflect on what actually works, and where brands are hitting — or missing — the mark.

Based on a survey of 500+ leaders from around the world, this report examines how top brands create truly powerful consumer experiences, and offers ways to rethink and reinvest in your own approach. These actionable insights will help you better understand your value proposition, your relationship with data, and your technology — all to help you successfully connect with today’s restless consumer.

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Reports of the retail apocalypse are all around us. Every week, new headlines proclaim a highly distressed retail industry and another Chapter 11 casualty. The reality is that winners and losers have emerged. On one hand, disruptions in consumer behavior, technology, competition, and economics have transformed the retail market considerably, and many brands haven’t risen to
the challenge.

On the other hand, these disruptions have opened floodgates of opportunity for brands to grow their relationships with shoppers. The continued evolution of technology, particularly in the areas of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and augmented and virtual reality, generates new opportunities for brands to personalize experiences and transform internal operations. Today, we find ourselves not in the midst of a retail apocalypse, but a retail renaissance. This renaissance means that brands must rethink consumer experience — and how to invest in it — to thrive.

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