Customer Service Center for Commerce Cloud Digital

Ensure high levels of consumer satisfaction with a truly unified customer service experience

Customer Service Center (CSC) provides customer service agents with easy, effective capabilities that accelerate online and over-the-phone orders and enables a truly unified shopping experience. CSC features an easy- to-use UX that enables customer service agents to quickly find an order, create an order, and find a customer. Back-end information such as product, pricing, and promotions are unified via one dashboard, resulting in a complete view of customer activity. This cohesive, up-to-date, and shared view enables customer service agents to locate and review orders, order on behalf of the customer, and adjust prices without the need to access the storefront.

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Customer Service Center is a customizable, fully supported, out-of-the- box capability of Commerce Cloud Digital. CSC leverages Shop API’s that hook into Commerce Cloud Digital to share data across systems, including customer information, product, pricing, and promotions. Brands can take advantage of a full suite of capabilities that include:

Dynamic Search

Identify a customer by name, email, or login details. Gain visibility into a customer’s browsing and shopping history, including past sessions, baskets, and orders.

Checkout on Behalf of a Customer

Login to the storefront on behalf of a customer to submit orders, build baskets, or verify and correct checkout issues.

And more! 

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