Democratization of Retail

An Actionable Roadmap for Reaching Connected Consumers

Disruptive forces are driving a new-age consumerism that is participatory, fragmented, transparent, and personal. The impact on retail is far-reaching as the lines between commerce and engagement continue to blur and obliterate conventional rules of engagement.

This report will help you understand:

  • Increasingly value-conscious customers
  • The mobile consumer
  • Consumers’ stronger self-expression and peer-to-peer engagement
  • How to implement a seamless engagement style

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Not only is the scale of change massive; more people now own a mobile phone than do a television; it is occurring at an exponential rate: each wave of disruption — from the Internet to smartphones to social media — achieving mass adoption quicker than the one before it.

Retailers are faced with a humbling corollary of this phenomenon — even as they transform to catch-up with the forces in play today, tomorrow presents an even steeper curve. Those that build capabilities and competitive advantage early will hold a significant edge over those that play catch-up.

The new world order of retail demands that retailers transform how, where and when they engage with shoppers. The breadth and depth of change they need to drive is daunting — from organizational culture to business processes, technology architecture to customer engagement strategy. It is critical, therefore, for retailers to have a razor-sharp focus on specific aspects of the transformation that can deliver the greatest impact on revenue, cost-efficiencies and customer stickiness.

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