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How to Identify Your ROI Opportunities in Target Markets

Ecommerce is growing exponentially as technology eliminates borders, and today’s shoppers are only a click away from purchasing products on the other side of the world. This guide examines key considerations for global expansion and provides a proven ROI model that will help you determine which markets will help you reach your growth goals. Fill out the form to download now! 

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We’ve prepared a model to help you estimate ROI for key markets around the world. This model picks up the major aspects covered in this guide:

Assess your brand awareness in target markets. Check your analytics on how many visitors and conversions you already get from respective countries. Consult Google Trends to uncover how frequently your brand name is searched around the globe.

Consider the existing physical footprint. Think of wholesalers that carry your product, distribution partners, marketplaces and, of course, your own store network.

Review your partner landscape. Do you have key partners with strong expertise in a certain region?

There might be more to consider. Is your company planning a big market launch or is it involved in an acquisition? Are there strategic guidelines to execute? 

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