Fashion Shopping Focus

Insights into the fashion retailing segment based on data from 400+ million online fashion shoppers

Fashion retail is incredibly diverse, spanning from luxury to fast fashion, leisure to workwear, and beyond. As the lines between these segments continue to blur, shopping channels are converging, with digital commerce now unifying the shopping experience for traditional brick-and-mortar, catalogue, pure play, and subscription retailers. Each of these models offers unique ways to distinguish their brand and engage their shopper. This report examines these models to identify trends in fashion shopping and retailing.

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Digital provides a powerful canvas on which to express a brand story and meticulously merchandise an entire assortment of products. These ‘artistic’ elements have been joined by data and intelligence initiatives to outfit fashion retailers with a new look.

This report examined the digital commerce experiences of 99 brands to identify the value and impact of art and science on digital fashion retailing along eight key factors. These factors must be enabled with the requisite analytical skills and organizational design to operationalize intelligence and effectively balance art and science. 

Shopping Attraction—the change in number of shopping visits—is the clear growth driver across all of retail. Overall, digital fashion grew 26% across all sub-segments of fashion, driven by a particularly strong period for Active Apparel brands, which topped all categories at 51% growth.

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