Revealing the Total Economic Impact(TM) of Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Improved Revenue Performance, IT Cost Savings, and Improved Agility

Forrester Consulting conducted an in-depth study examining the potential return on investment by deploying Salesforce Commerce Cloud. To better understand the benefits and costs associated with implementation, Forrester interviewed retailers who reported the following benefits after they switched to Commerce Cloud: 

  • 35% increase in revenue performance over 3 years
  • 33% reduction in time-to-market
  • 28% lift in conversion rates
  • 50% reduction in launch and upgrade costs
  • 50% increase in digital team productivity
  • And more!

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The following risk-adjusted quantified benefits are representative of those experienced by the retailers and brands interviewed:

Improved performance from out-of-the-box capabilities. The composite organization, based on the companies interviewed, saw increased annual revenue growth of 35%. Organizations also reported a 5% lift in average order value (AOV) and at least a 28% lift in conversion rates with their Salesforce Commerce Cloud deployment.

Sales lift from using Salesforce Einstein Features. Organizations reported a 20% lift in attributable revenue with their deployment of AI-powered predictive intelligence and recommendations through Einstein.

IT cost savings from moving to Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s SaaS model. Organizations reported a minimum 35% reduction in overall solution support and system administration costs by moving to Salesforce Commerce Cloud from their legacy on-premises platform. Organizations also reported a 50% reduction in project costs to launch.

Increased agility and operational efficiency for digital teams. Native capabilities of Salesforce Commerce Cloud enabled digital teams to be more agile, resulting in a 50% productivity increase for marketers, merchants, and IT resources supporting ecommerce.

Faster time-to-value with Salesforce’s SaaS model. Organizations could launch new ecommerce sites faster than with their previous platforms. Organizations reported a 33% reduction in time-to-market with Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Increased stability with SaaS. Deploying Salesforce Commerce Cloud reduced site downtime for the composite organization by 44 hours per year.

Value from retail practice and customer success service offerings. Organizations optimized their sites and saw improved performance from consulting with Salesforce on site optimization and international expansion. At the same time, the composite organization saved $23,625 in third-party consulting fees over three years.

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