2016 Guide to Holiday Readiness

Everything retailers need to know to prepare for the 2016 holiday shopping season

The weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are critical to the success of virtually all retail brands. For many, this short period of time accounts for the bulk of the year’s sales.

  • This holiday readiness guide will help you:
  • Prepare your site for prolonged spikes in traffic
  • Optimize your site for mobile shoppers
  • Implement winning charitable initiatives
  • Drive more post-holiday sales
  • Make the most out of returns

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The Commerce Cloud Customer Service team focuses on (among other things) peak traffic preparedness and identifying and implementing best practices for scalability and performance. Experience shows that the primary reasons retail brands experience site problems, which are more likely to occur during peak times, boils down to three things:

  • Slow pipeline runtimes
  • Ineffective caching
  • External integrations

Traditional retail seasonality is marked by the hustle leading up to Christmas, followed by the post-holiday doldrums when retailers are overwhelmed by returns, merchandise leftovers and markdowns, and consumers start pulling back the reins on spending.

However, retailers should not take their foot off the gas. Post-holiday is the perfect time to continue the momentum into the New Year. Get creative and start planning strategies now to build customer engagement and drive sales going into 2017.

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