Luxury Shopping Focus

Insights into luxury retail trends based on data from more than 40 million online shoppers

The Luxury Shopping Focus Report provides insights into the luxury retail segment by examining sector growth, technology trends, and consumer habits. This report reveals:

  • How luxury sites incorporate new technologies
  • Digital benchmarks and retail trends across the luxury sector
  • Valuable takeaways to better inform your luxury retail business

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Luxury Shopping Trends

Although overall luxury sector growth trails other retail verticals, luxury shoppers increased their per-visit spend at a higher rate than other sectors. Results show that mobile is a preferred shopping method, and that luxury journey metrics are trending up: web basket rate rose 4% and mobile basket rate rose 17%. Compare this to other retail sectors, where web basket growth remained flat and mobile basket growth rose only 14%.

Luxury Technology and Retail Trends

Luxury brands have increasingly implemented technologies that service and accelerate the shopper journey; however, more than other retail sectors, luxury sites strike a balance between the art of retailing, such as emphasizing the brand message, and the science of new technologies. This report provides customer examples of this balance in action, including key takeaways to benefit your business.