Mastering Mobile Site Design

6 Ways to Increase Revenue Through a Mobile-First Approach

Mobile shopping is exploding! By the end of 2017, phones will account for more than 60 percent of digital growth. In fact, most customers will interact with your brand for the first time from a mobile device.

Alas, many retailers still design their sites for desktop users, leaving mobile shoppers behind. To increase conversion rates and ensure growth, you must embrace mobile site design and provide a truly mobile-first shopping experience. These six best practices will help! 

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Position the search bar so it is easily accessible for the shopper, and large enough for functional use. Create a persistent search bar that stays in view as shoppers scroll.

The search bar is the top destination for mobile shoppers who already know what they are looking for. Making it permanently visible allows shoppers to connect with the products they want at any time. Mobile shoppers using the search function convert at 2.6 times the rate of those that use navigation tools. Since traditional site navigation takes place on a small screen, providing autocomplete functionality allows shoppers to find what they want with less typing. 

Include product search attributes, such as size and color, in a text-only format so the search results map to the user search input. 

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