Why Commerce Cloud Store Is Worth the Investment

Helping your CFO understand the benefits of a unified mobile-first store solution

Even the strongest retail brands must modernize the in-store shopping experience to meet the demands of today’s consumer, and adopting a state-of-the-art retail POS & store operations solution is critical. You may be ready for the change, but is your CFO?

This article describes the many benefits of Commerce Cloud Store, including the value of a single, unified cloud-based solution that reduces installation and maintenance costs, enables seamless updates, provides real-time inventory management, and arms sales associates with AI-powered POS software they can use anywhere on the floor.

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Commerce Cloud Store is a retail POS and store operations solution that virtually eliminates major up-front capital investments, costly ongoing maintenance, and quickly obsolescent technology through purpose built applications. Not only are all aspects of Commerce Cloud Store fully integrated from the outset, but it is also continually maintained by Salesforce. Your system remains fully functional, with little to no involvement from your employees.

Customer data, in-store inventory, and online warehouse and delivery systems all function together to create a seamless shopping experience across channels. Commerce Cloud Store helps you deliver products to customers when, where, and how they want them, with capabilities such as buy anywhere/return anywhere, buy online/pick up in-store, and the ability to purchase online merchandise in-store.

During the in-store shopping experience, most organizations don’t personally identify customers at all, or wait until checkout—when it’s too late to personalize their shopping experience and impact their purchases. With Product Recommendations, powered by Commerce Cloud Einstein, Commerce Cloud analyzes customers’ preferences based on every interaction online and in-store, and delivers personalized recommendations for unique customer experiences. Mobile-device-enabled associates can approach customers on the sales floor, look them up, and offer personalized cross-sell and upsell recommendations. Plus, associates have access to real-time dashboards that motivate them to sell more by showing how they perform against key performance indicators.

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