Your Guide to Commerce in the Cloud

Evaluating Cloud Commerce Solutions for Seamless, Personalized Shopping Experiences

Today, the question for retailers has shifted from “should we move to the cloud?” to “what type of cloud is best for our business?” For retailers of all sizes, choosing the right cloud model is essential to delivering personalized, intelligent, and engaging digital shopping experiences. In this guide, we’ll discuss the key business drivers for deploying cloud-based solutions, and explore why a multi-tenant cloud platform is the best choice for retailers seeking a scalable, trusted infrastructure that is always on, always secure, and always fast. 

Read an excerpt from the Whitepaper:

Key Business Drivers for Deploying Cloud Solutions

Brands look to ecommerce teams to create, orchestrate, and deliver exceptional digital experiences across web, mobile, social, and even in-store. These experiences must exceed consumer expectations and crush sales targets. To drive their organizations forward, retail CIOs and ecommerce leaders need solutions that satisfy key business drivers:


It is impossible to grow without an infrastructure that can handle high traffic, increases in transaction volumes, large product assortments, and flash sales. The scalability that retailers need today will not be the same as what is needed next year or, of course, five years from now. As brands grow, cloud platforms need to keep up.

Branded Innovation

Successful brands are constantly evolving to stay ahead of the pack, pushing boundaries and testing limits. When building unique online shopping experiences, these retail trailblazers require a cloud that enables, rather than stifles, innovation.

Time to Value

Every delay in the launch of a new site, project, or feature equates to a potential loss in revenue and customer satisfaction. A cloud solution that can accelerate time to value across all unified, global commerce channels is critical to a brand’s success.

Site Speed

Speed is essential to providing a great shopping experience, especially on mobile. Additionally, search engines factor load speed into ranking, pushing lower speed sites further down the page. The end result – if page speed is slow, brands may jeopardize potential sales.

Unified Shopping Experience

Shoppers expect a seamless experience across the entire shopping journey, including marketing, commerce, and service. Retailers must look for a cloud provider that delivers a shared view of customers, orders, products, and behaviors to provide a single view of the customer.

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