Commerce Cloud Order Management

Deliver flawless “buy anywhere, service anywhere, fulfill anywhere” experiences

Commerce Cloud Order Management is a 100% cloud-based, enterprise-ready order management solution that enables the ‘buy, fulfill, and service anywhere’ approach. This  powerful Commerce Cloud Digital add-on unlocks omni-channel order fulfillment experiences underpinned by a single, shared view across all physical and digital commerce touchpoints. With Commerce Cloud Order Management, you can:

  • View and activate all inventory  across all channels
  • Turn every store into a distribution center
  • Delight customers with flexible pickup options and faster shipping
  • Empower agents to deliver world-class customer service
  • Create the foundation for a truly unified commerce experience

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Winning shoppers over has never been more difficult. Consumers now look for retailers that deliver products quickly, conveniently, and on their terms. Shoppers expect choice. This could mean buying an item online and picking it up on the way home from work, returning a product bought online to a local store, or getting an item gift wrapped or engraved after ordering it online. If a retailer doesn’t offer these options, consumers will abandon their purchase or look to a competitor who does.

Offering omni-channel options is no easy feat for merchants; the whole order experience has to be tightly coordinated behind the scenes. A modern order management approach helps retailers tackle the complexity of managing thousands of decision points, factoring in product availability, customer proximity, and delivery methods.

Flawless omni-channel order experiences are underpinned by a single, shared view of shoppers, catalogs, inventory, pricing, and orders across all physical and digital commerce touchpoints. This single source of truth is critical for unified commerce. Unified commerce is more than just a
new term for omni-channel – it’s the idea that brands must think beyond individual channels and beyond shopping to meet customer expectations across their entire experience.

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