Outdoor Shopping Focus Report

What You Can Learn from the Great Outdoors 

Outdoor retail brands are unique in their retailing approach, connecting directly with consumers by focusing on personal health, individual performance, and inspirational messaging. This approach has contributed to outdoor brands not only gaining market traction, but quickly becoming market leaders. 

This report examines shopper activity across the outdoor sector, revealing valuable insights into customer behavior and the secrets to outdoor retailing success. Fill out the form to download now! 

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The sale of outdoor goods is usually personified by images of adventurous thrill seekers. Why? Because outdoor products tend to represent an extension of the consumers' lifestyle and personality. The adventure/healthy lifestyle theme runs through the marketing and messaging of outdoor brands, with rich landscape imagery, emphasis on personal performance, and inspirational messages. 

In recent years, outdoor brands and retailers are rapidly outperforming other sectors, growing in prominence and driving prolific growth. In fact, many general apparel brands have expanded their offerings (think “athleisure”) to compete with the legacy outdoor set. This report focuses on the activity of shoppers in the outdoor vertical and the digital commerce sites on which they engage.

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