Einstein Predictive Sort for Commerce Cloud Digital

Power personalized product results with just a few clicks!

Personalizing customer journeys with tailored search results can be a difficult task that requires time, guesswork, and expertise. Bypass these obstacles with Commerce Cloud Einstein! With just a few clicks, activate Einstein Predictive Sort to personalize search drop-downs, search pages, and category grid pages. This powerful feature uses AI and customer data to sort product results, decrease search efforts, increase conversions, and connect shoppers to exactly what they are looking for. 

Preview the Datasheet Below

Ecommerce teams need to present shoppers with the right product first, or they risk losing them. But infusing data-driven personalization throughout the shopping experience is a challenge for retailers that don’t have the time to manage complex sorting rules or the resources to hire and train a data scientist.

Einstein Predictive Sort uses Artificial Intelligence to infuse personalized product assortments throughout the shopper journey.

  • Embed personalization into the online shopping experience to delight shoppers
  • Ensure shoppers do not waste time looking for and finding the products they want
  • Personalize product assortments for all shoppers, whether anonymous or registered
  • Help mobile shoppers find exactly the products they’re looking for, even in the micro-moments they spend on their phones
  • Use context to power relevant search results and eliminate the challenge of searching on mobile devices
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