Shopper-First Assessment Tool

Map your path to success with our comprehensive checklist

How do you know if you’re on track to become a high-performing retail organization? This assessment tool identifies the key tactics that underpin a shopper-first strategy to help you succeed in today’s retail environment. 

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The store’s role has changed. No longer simply a selling space siloed from other channels, the evolved storefront showcases the brand more intimately and transparently, and connects directly to the shopper. 

Your Storefront Checklist:


  • Buy online, pickup in-store
  • Mobile payments available in-store
  • Single view of inventory across stores and digital 


  • Return anywhere
  • Fulfill from anywhere, including split-ships
  • Line busting and mobile POS
  • Mobile back office capabilities
  • Save the sale (endless aisle) capabilities
  • Store as an experience (think outside the box of traditional brick and mortar with heavy inventory)
  • Single view of promotions online and in-store
  • Digital receipts for in-store purchases
  • Integration of digital content and commerce within the store 


  • Single view of the customer online and in-store
  • In-store purchases saved online
  • Perpetual shopping cart (ability to access online carts in-store and vice versa)
  • Exploration with value-added services or product subscriptions
  • Multi-channel attribution model
  • Automatic customer identification 
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