SEO Tools for Commerce Cloud Digital

Improve page rank, build traffic, and grow faster!

In today’s digitized marketplace, modern shopping habits are deeply influenced by search engines that guide buyers towards their desired products and services. Without an effective SEO strategy in place, you risk becoming invisible to a significant number of potential buyers.

Harness the power of search engines and improve site traffic and ranking with Commerce Cloud Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools. Built right into Commerce Cloud Digital, these easy-to-use tools boost site visibility and make attracting potential buyers much simpler. Read through our tips and learn more about Commerce Cloud’s amazing SEO capabilities.

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Developing an SEO strategy for digital commerce can be complicated by large product catalogs featuring hundreds or thousands of product listings. It’s critical for merchants to optimize their online storefront for both shoppers and search engines to discover and navigate. Commerce Cloud Digital provides merchants with a rich set of site architecture and SEO tools to help search engines crawl and index sites for more favorable page ranking. 

Built into Commerce Cloud Digital, SEO tools give merchants the ability to:

  • Grow Traffic - Generate new clicks and visits by ranking at the top of search results.
  • Improve Conversion - Target shoppers that are actively searching for products.
  • Boost ROI - Acquire new customers organically, without additional investment.
  • Increase Brand Presence – Improve page rank and grow site traffic.
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