When Every Touchpoint is a Transaction

Adapt to the new customer journey with distributed commerce

Distributed commerce is upending traditional buying patterns, as consumers no longer follow a linear path to purchase but meander between touchpoints including web, mobile, social media and physical stores.

This report examines:

  • Factors creating the new shopping journey
  • How IoT, messaging and virtual reality are impacting retail
  • Strategies for selling on different social networks
  • How enterprise cloud commerce enables retailers to easily extend commerce to all touchpoints

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The latest Gutenberg moment, perhaps the one that will have as profound an impact on retail as the Internet itself, is the concept of distributed commerce; the ability for consumers to make a purchase from any Internet-connected device, platform or application. Simply put, the concept of a “channel” is antithetical to the drivers of distributed commerce, which shifts the shopping perspective fully to consumers who shop, wherever they are, as part of an experience they are already having.

Distributed commerce is upending typical buying patterns, as consumers no longer follow a linear path but meander between touchpoints.

Across all demographics: age, education, race, ethnicity, income, gender and location, social media is ingrained in our everyday lives. According to an October 2015 report2 from the Pew Research Center, 65% of American adults use social networking sites, a tenfold increase in as many years. Among young adults (ages 18-29) social media is even more entrenched, with fully 90% using one or more social media sites.

Until recently, these sites were used primarily as vehicles for communication and sharing. But as that sharing began to include discussion about products and brands, marketers took notice. After all, what better way to spur a transaction than to catch potential buyers at the very moment they are talking about your product?

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