Retail online integration

Drive competition with retail online integration.

Retail online integration is the key to delivering the omni-channel experience that today's customers demand.

Your customers expect to be able to browse on one channel, buy on another and have their orders fulfilled or serviced on yet another channel. But this kind of omni-channel fulfillment requires a sophisticated commerce platform that can adapt to new technology and deliver on new business requirements, and most legacy commerce and ecommerce solutions simply don’t cut it. These traditional systems were never designed to integrate multiple channels and can’t accommodate the kind of retail online integration it takes to deliver a true omni-channel shopping experience.

That's why, when choosing a commerce platform to simplify retail online integration, more retailers today look to Demandware.

Demandware simplifies retail online integration.

The Demandware Commerce Cloud promotes retail online integration with a single cloud platform that brings together digital commerce, point-of-sale, order management, store operations and predictive intelligence.

Offering retailers a full range of capabilities, the Demandware Commerce Cloud provides a single view of key retail data that includes products, prices, orders, inventory, interactions, promotions, stores and customers. With Demandware’s retail online integration, all channels — e-commerce, in-store and mobile — can simultaneously leverage core capabilities and services like merchandising and transaction management. Built on a cloud platform with multi-tenant architecture, Demandware’s capabilities enable retailers to continually innovate to deliver better ecommerce experiences and exceed customer expectations.

Benefits of retail online integration with Demandware.

Retail online integration with Demandware provides benefits for all aspects of omni-channel merchandising.

For digital channels — web, social, mobile, customer service and fulfillment — Demandware helps retailers anticipate shopper needs and syndicate relevant content to let consumers find and buy what they want quickly and easily. Product information can be managed and shared across categories, catalogs and sites, while merchandising and marketing capabilities enable retailers to connect customers with the right product, offer, pricing content at the right time.

In the store, Demandware helps retailers increase innovation at the point-of-sale, unify digital and physical experiences, reinvigorate the store experience and decrease the complexity of store operations.

Demandware also provides cutting-edge data that is only available through a multi-tenant cloud platform like the Demandware Commerce Cloud. With this intelligence, retailers can glean in-depth insights, drive one-to-one personalization and use performance benchmarks to drive better business decisions.

Learn more about retail online integration with Demandware, and about Demandware solutions for cloud ecommerce and ecommerce fulfillment.

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